Study Reveals Reading is Extremely Effective in Relieving Stress


Many people look forward to reading a book slowly on their way to work, school, or on vacation, and research has shown that reading is an effective stress reliever. The stress-relieving effects of reading are also more effective than music, tea time, and walking.
It was also found that even short periods of reading can be effective, making it an extremely effective stress-relieving method.

A study conducted at a university in Sussex, England, examined the stress-relieving effects of reading, listening to music, drinking a cup of coffee, playing video games, and taking a walk based on heart rate and other parameters, and found that reading was 68% effective in reducing stress, listening to music was 61% effective, coffee time was 54% effective, taking a walk was 42% effective, and playing video games was 21% effective. The results showed that reading was effective in reducing stress by 68%, listening to music by 61%, coffee time by 54%, walking by 42%, and video games by 21%. In addition, reading in a quiet place can provide more than 60% stress reduction in just 6 minutes.

However, reading itself is not the important thing; it is important to be so absorbed in the book that you forget about the real world during the time you are reading, and you need to immerse yourself in the content of the book to get the maximum effect.
The research in this article suggests that reading is most effective, but in essence, it can be seen that something you can lose yourself in is the most effective stress reliever, so those who dislike the printed word may want to do something else that they can lose themselves in.