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What to do when you are feeling chronically fatigued

Fatigue is an unavoidable part of daily life, but if left unchecked, chronic fatigue can cause a variety of physical and mental problems.
So what should you do if you are feeling chronically fatigued?

Chronic fatigue slows down the body’s response, requires more effort than usual to move, and causes drowsiness. It can also cause emotionlessness, irritability, and short temper, as well as influenza, colds, endocrine system physical disorders, and mental illnesses such as depression.

Chronic fatigue is characterized by persistent fatigue even after long vacations, inability to get out of bed, going on and off for no apparent reason, and persistent low blood pressure.
Effective measures to eliminate chronic fatigue are as follows

Establish a regular rhythm in your life.

Establish a rhythm of life, including bedtime, lifestyle, work, time spent with loved ones, etc., so that the body can relax.

Avoid stimulants

Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, and chocolate.

Ask for help from family members.

Family understanding and support are very important to implement the above measures.
It may seem that only basic things are mentioned, but it seems that practicing those basic things is the quickest way to get rid of fatigue. People suffering from chronic fatigue may want to take another look at their lifestyle.

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