Drink|I’ve had a Purple Halloween Frappuccino.


Hello, this is Santoshi.

Starbucks in Japan has started selling a limited-time-only drink.


Purple Halloween Frappuccino®|Frappuccino®|Starbucks Coffee Japan
It featured purple sauce. It is a Halloween-like Frappuccino, the Purple Halloween Frappuccino.

I was curious about what the poisonous purple looking Frappuccino tasted like, so I actually bought and drank it.

I went to Starbucks right away.

The storefront was decorated with banners and posters promoting the “Purple Halloween Frappuccino.

Here is the “Purple Halloween Frappuccino” I bought.


There was a photo booth at the counter.

The bottom of the Frappuccino is filled with purple sweet potato sauce, and the middle part of the bright purple drink is a blend of purple sweet potato powder and milk.

When you actually drink it, the taste and smell of purple sweet potato spreads throughout the entire drink.

Oh, sweet potato! Sweet potato! Imo! It’s like a sweet potato!

Although the creaminess of the milk and whipped cream, which is the base of the Frappuccino, is present, the simple sweetness of the purple sweet potato is fully expressed despite its toxic appearance, creating an autumnal flavor with a mild and gentle sweetness that is appealing, following the “Baked Sweet Potato Brulee Frappuccino”.

But the smell of purple sweet potatoes is so amazing!

The Purple Halloween Frappuccino is available in Tall size only and costs 690 yen including tax for in-store consumption and 678 yen including tax for take-out.