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I went to “Romespa Balboa” for a delicious carbonara.

Well, as I was thinking about what to have for lunch today, I had a strong craving for carbonara.

Hello this is Santoshi.

This time I had a baked carbonara at Romesca Balboa.

It comes with an egg too.

Order from a machine like this one.

First touch “EAT IN”.

Then touch the item you want to eat and pay for it.

The machine will issue a meal ticket.

Show it to the waiter and sit at the counter.

Baked Carbonara was served.

Browned carbonara. I thought the appearance was a bit disappointing.

Let’s take a bite.

The original pasta is very tasty.


The pasta is as firm as the thick carbanara sauce.

The price was 1,050 yen with a large portion of baked carbonara and a hot egg.

Thank you for the food.

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