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I had Tomatama Curry Udon at Marugame Seimen.


It’s hard to decide what to eat, isn’t it?

It is one of the pleasures of the day to wonder whether to have curry or a sandwich.

Hello, this is Santoshi.

Today I went to Marugame Seimen and had some udon noodles.

Here’s what I wanted for lunch today!

Tomatama Curry Udon Noodle

TOKIO and Marugame Seimen have collaborated to develop a new udon noodle.

The same product was so popular when it was released in the past that they decided to release it again this time.

I ordered the Tomatama Curry Udon in the “Tokute” size.
The price was 930 yen including tax.

The Cheese Tomatama Curry Udon, which was supposed to be available during the same period, was sold out and could not be ordered.

Too bad.

I ordered at the counter and paid for my order.

I placed my order on a tray and brought it to the table myself.
The soup curry is reddish-brown in color with white udon noodles.
It looks a little unhealthy.

I lifted the udon with chopsticks.
The udon is quite firm and elastic.

A taste of the real thing.
This is it!

The sweet and spicy curry and udon noodles are well mixed together and very tasty.

I think it goes well with rice as well.

(Incidentally, this udon comes with rice as part of the set, so I thought it was a great value.)

Curry too!


It was a very satisfying lunch.


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