Can iPhone and iPad coexist?



Conclusion: You can.

Are various products coming out into the world and necessary for your life?

You may be wondering if it should be introduced into your life.

Especially smartphones and tablets. Is this combination necessary for your life? Many people will be interested.

Many people are talking about the topic in Japan as well.

Hello, this is SANTOSHI.

This time I will talk about the most typical combination iPhone and iPad.。

While many people have an iPhone, many are actually interested in the iPad too.

However, the iPad and iPhone are very expensive products.

I think it’s a waste to buy it right away and feel that you didn’t need it.

So, at least I will tell you how to install it for your life, so if you can sympathize with it, please buy an iPad.

In the case of SANTOSHI

What I have is an iPhone 11 Pro and an iPad mini.

I think this combination is the best combination.

Until now, I’ve always been on the go with my iPhone for about 17 hours a day.

It’s the same regardless of time, whether it’s work or private.

Therefore, even if it is used carefully, the battery and other parts may break down.

In the past, when I was able to cover it with a single iPhone, it broke down about 4 times in 2 years, and I asked for replacement and repair with AppleCare +.

I have never found it troublesome to request repairs at this time.

After chatting to support about the problem, I went to the Apple Store Marunouchi many times.

There were various repair points, and the touch panel did not respond, the volume button did not respond, and the face ID failed.

(I’m glad I was in Apple Care + for such a time.)

However, I thought at the time of the fourth repair.

The iPhone that I use all the time is a heavy burden.

At least you have to spend less time touching your iPhone.

I thought it.

I bought the iPad mini 6th generation.

That’s why I introduced the iPad mini to my life.


Touch the iPad mini in your home life.

Let the iPhone take a break. Or let it charge.

 Bring your iPhone with you when you go out.

Use as a camera and internet communication device.

Keep the iPad mini at home.

This combination dramatically reduced iPhone failures.

It’s been about half a year since I changed to iPhone11Pro and purchased iPad mini, but no trouble has occurred.

At home, I read books, consume content, and conduct research using the Internet on a screen larger than the iPhone.

Outside, in order to reduce the amount of belongings, only the iPhone is used for research using the camera, notebook, and the Internet. We are consuming content.

Some people may feel, “I think it’s a waste to have two of them even though they are doing the same thing!”

But I don’t feel wasteful.

I bought a new iPhone every year. The iPhone is now a very expensive product.

You cannot easily change the model. Unless you are very rich.

The iPad can be installed for half the price of the iPhone 11 Pro.

This made me less worried than when I was buying an iPhone.

When I had a broken iPhone, I was very stressed because I couldn’t do anything about it.

With the iPad mini, you no longer have to work at all even if your iPhone is out of order, or you don’t know your schedule.

If it breaks down, I no longer have to know any living information.

This sense of security was a great pleasure for me.

By setting the rule to use at home, you will not always buy the latest model. You can use it temporarily instead of the iPhone.

Since I bought the iPad mini, my iPhone hasn’t broken down, so I’m still using the iPhone 11 Pro without having to rush to buy the latest iPhone.

The sense of security that I could manage if either of these failed brought me peace of mind.

As long as the iPad mini 6th generation support continues, I will continue to use it.