I ate churros from the parkside wagon at Tokyo Disneyland.


I went to Tokyo Disneyland for fun.

I would like to write down some information about that time.

Hello this is Santoshi.


This is the resumption of DanganTraveling.

I would like to write down a lot of information from now on.

When you go to Disneyland, seeing the fun attractions and impressive shows is the best part, but you also want to enjoy the sweets that you can only taste in the parks, don’t you?

Churros are popular as a walking sweet that you can enjoy while walking freely in the parks.

What is Parkside Wagon?

It was the first store to start selling churros at Tokyo Disneyland. The classic car-shaped wagon is eye-catching.

It specializes in churros, a classic Disneyland sweet.

When it first opened, it was featured on TV and in books and was incredibly popular.


Location is here. (from the official Tokyo Disneyland website)

You will see it when you go through the World Bazaar and head toward the Adventureland side.

It is located in front of the popular attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

What are Churros?

If you visit Disneyland, you must try the Mickey Churros, which are famous for their Mickey-shaped cross section.

I remember that the Mickey-shaped churros are only available here, and the churros sold elsewhere are octagonal in shape.

At the time of writing, the price was 400 yen.

Credit card payment is accepted.

When viewed from above, it is shaped like three overlapping circles, just like the shape of Mickey Mouse.

It is a very tasty doughnut-like pastry with a slight cinnamon flavor.

The whole picture.

It’s Delicious.

WelcomeBackParty.com says “OC!”

These “Mickey Churros” are very convenient for eating and walking around and can be held in one hand while eating.

It is my private moment to stroll around Disneyland slowly while eating without any purpose.

I hope you will all try them when you visit Disneyland.