Hopper is one of Scott’s Cheap Flights’ favorite flight search engines. Not everyone is familiar with Hopper, so we decided to put together this pros and cons round up, as well as a tutorial. You can find our in-depth Google Flights guide. The good about Hopper is that it searches just about every single online travel agency, or “OTA”, as we like to call them, out there: the bigger ones that we’ve all heard of, like Expedia and , or the smaller, relatively new ones like . Because it searches all OTAs rather than just a few, Hopper is much more likely than Google Flights to find the cheapest possible price for any given flight. Not always, but in about 98% or so of cases, it will find the cheapest price. The bad about Hopper is that the searches are slow… real slow. Makes sense considering how many OTAs they’re searching at once. Plus, unlike Google Flights, you can’t do flexible date searches. If you want to find the cheapest flight for a given route in the next three months, you’d have to search every single day in there. If you have any flexibility in your dates, it’s typically better to start your searching in Google Flights, find the best dates, and then carry those dates over to Hopper. You’re thinking, “Scott,” or “Nicole, are these OTAs really trustworthy? I read some questionable reviews online and I’m worried that I’m goanna get scammed.” This is a common and important question. The short answer is that if you’re worried that some OTA is goanna take your money and not give you the tickets don’t be. The longer answer is that most OTAs are able to offer these really cheap fares because they’re skimping on customer support, and they’re also imposing really high change/cancellation fees. If you’re quite confident in your dates and you don’t think you’ll be needing customer support after purchasing, it could be worth the savings. Of course, if you are still feeling unsure or uncomfortable, it might not be worth the risk, and it may just be worth the peace of mind just to book directly with the airline or with a major OTA. so after opening the app just book the flights from one place to one and can book the flights I cheaper rates.


This app is used for finding your flights and it searches many websites to find you the best deals. As it’s downloaded by 10 million people and it’s got a really good rating which is 4.5 without overdue .we just open it up then it will ask you to sign in with your Google account or Face book account. Here you can search for hotels flights cars rental cars you know these are very useful easy with easy links up there to find your best deals . so say you need a round trip from it will give you the current location if you want to press on it will give you the current location. It will give you all airports as an option so that you know who can find any Airport in New York. If there’s more than one say you want to fall you want to just pick John F Kennedy Airport to Amsterdam another lens and then you pick a date say 25th or 26th to the 30th you can pick flexible departure flexible return . This will give you a flexibility with the dates so it will add as you can see two days before and it added three days after the scheduled flight. So it can get you a better deal this way you set up fly you pick one traveler or two you can add adults your kids infants and seniors you can pick that too can change your seats economy business premium first class. So I’ll just keep it economy apply and then we will observe it will give you can pick from the cheapest shortest and earliest flights up top here. so this is the shortest flight earliest flights as you can see earliest it’s like a lot of a lot of money $13,000 shortest $3,000 cheapest is 1377 and it will give you a lot of it has a lot of different you know airliners here. So it can give you the best airliner and a cheapest ticket and you can just click on the deal that you like and book it you can see the details for the trip and just booked it online . Which is very convenient and you will get an e-ticket for your trip on the email. so as we just said that you can also reserve hotels cars as well once you get to the airport. You can add to add that into your trip you can pick the currency in two settings notifications or feedback so you can change your local currency here the notifications you can pick by email or trip updates report .


I’m going to take you to an example live example in which I’m going to search some flight information . And how to book it and should we book it or not everything would be explained. So Skyscanner is one of the nice tool rise website and it’s a nice application. let’s wait this information is going to be helpful for almost everybody irrespective of where you stay your you countries whether you are you are in India. today is 17th of December 2016 so we are on the app and it says explore top-tier. so I’m going to look into the deeps click on this afflicted second time this is an example so I can take anything everywhere by default . It is take New York because of the setting issue but you can write here something else and then you can change the origin and then it says everywhere because everywhere has been selected. It says round trip and one way so I’m going to on one way you can search horizontal or Lansky either way landscape when you the first thing it says is Washington for body to Chicago 43 Orlando 42 for Boston . They are all from all the one we prices starting from New York . There are some other options too so depending upon where you want to go . Now us in turn a place Cincinnati Erie Jacksonville Manchester Planet smaller one. It’s all it is advisable not to book it so coming to the screen now it says Delta flight 759 in the morning too 26 in the morning and it says one hour 27 minutes non-stop. It says 64 earlier less than $50 ticket forty I think $42 so that is because now we are moving to a website and it’s an airline’s website the sorting is done depending as per the price is available . so $64 is the cheapest one I can I have the option of choosing different timings but the amount is $64 . First time that I’m doing it for the benefits of people the large audience around the world because be I have seen that are being seen in different countries by different people so I’m making for their interest . so that they can get this information I want to share information. So I’m doing that so you can see it says delta . Colon slash and then M Delta confer this Skyscanner is sending me to Delta’s website which is a secure website .And here we go book it and it’s $63 so the base fear is forty five seventeen dollars or tax and fees sixty three dollars and ten cents. There are terms and conditions if I want to so ruby the passenger information or modified search you’re almost done with that bar. Continue just login if I am frequent-flyer Delta Sky member then it says add passenger information. it says please make sure your full name is entered exactly as it appears EXPEDIA APP

First go to WWE speedier calm next choose what you want to do booked a flight, a hotel ,a car and so on. Lets imagine we chosen booked a flight I now have three options to choose from round-trip one-way and multiple destinations. Next I need to fill in the name of the departure Airport then I choose my airport Chicago. Then the destination Airport next I need to fill in the departure date let’s say July first and the return date the returning date will be automatically the same with the departure date. But let’s say that I want to get back a week after the departure date I’m all done and now I click search I’m now redirected to a page where I can start choosing my flights first. I need to select my departure if I scroll down . I see all the choices that I have I will keep scrolling. so that we can see how many of them there are very many options. If I scroll back up I see that here on the left side I have various possibilities to filter my results . so that I don’t see as many I can filter by how many stops the flights will have non-stop at one stop I can filter by airline so choose one or more airlines. That I prefer or by departure time morning afternoon evening to minimize the number of results I will choose. For example morning if I want to leave in the morning as I click on the filter called morning the results have already been refreshed and now I see flights that leave between 5 a.m. and 11:59 a.m. I also have the possibilities to order the flights by price duration departure time or arrival time price lowest seems convenient enough for me and so now I can pick my flight looking at the options. let’s say that I will pick flight leaving at 10:00 after 10:00 and arriving at 2 p.m. 3 hours and 15 minutes it’s a non-stop flight looks good enough . so to pick this flight I click on select after I selected my departure flight . I’m being redirected to another page where I get to select my return flight so here on the top of the page I can see my selected departure United Airlines 3 hours and 15 minutes non-stop and the price. I see the options that I have for the return flight again then an amount this amount will be added to the price of the departure and together they will make the entire price of my flight. Filtering by price lowest I see that the cheapest option would be for me to pick one of the flights that have plus 0 as a mount so let’s say that I want to pick the flight leaving at 1:50 p.m. I click select and I’m being redirected to a page where I can review my trip here. I see both flights that have selected I can look at the flight and baggage fee details for each of my flights. If I want to I can change the flights now if I click the link given there I will return to the page where I can select the departure flight and then the return flight. But I’m not interested in that so I’m going to scroll down and click on continue booking . once I’ve done that I need to fill in my personal details who is traveling first name last name phone number Passport gender date of birth . I’m notified that I can cancel my flight for free within 24 hours of booking and I click on continue booking Expedia also offers driver insurance which I am NOT interested in purchasing at this time. I then need to fill in the payment details and after I’ve done that I must not forget to enter my email address . This is the email address where the booking confirmation will be sent now is the time for the last quick look at the trip details which I have on the right side of the page. However if I made a mistake I can cancel within 24 hours free of charge after clicking complete booking I will have booked my flight once the flight has been successfully booked. I will receive a confirmation email from Expedia .


how to you seat guru to find the best seat possible on your next flight. so or at least in the cabin that you’ve booked your ticket and are planning to book your ticket in so to get started you’ll just go to seat guru calm. Here Seat guru is part of Trip Advisor and they do have some other great tools to outside of seat maps but today we’re just going to go over their seat map tool so to get started. Just scroll down a little bit and you’ll see that we’ve already had seat maps highlighted. Here and we go ahead and searching the information for the flight we hope to take. so I actually just booked a flight going to New York and I use Google flights to find the cheap flight and the dates I’m traveling for January 9th and I’m flying I’m site to 277 . So once you get fine and you scroll down it’s goanna pull up that flight information so it’s showing that there’s a nonstop flight from Minneapolis to LaGuardia flight number departure arrival time . The aircraft and whatever amenities the highlight here so I’m goanna go ahead and hit view map. Now you will see what this map looks like by just scrolling down and you’ll notice that this is also an interactive seeing map which is pretty cool additional details as to you know the pitch with the number of seats. That’s all shown up here there’s also a map key if you wanted to click . That’s goanna drop you to the bottom of the site or if you just scrolled you’ll see the map key down there as well . So this is really helpful when you’re figuring out where you want to book your seat there’s some additional information . Here on the side, if you want to check it out but really I just want to know where the best seat is so I would have loved to have booked a first-class ticket . But I didn’t have the ability to upgrade to duffer till to comfort. If I want to so that’s something for me to consider but really I just want to know where I should sit an economy . so if you scroll down you’ll start to see that there’s some yellow there’s a some green here and it’s goanna give me someone no details. so if I’m high low high uh sorry highlighting and I see that it’s just this white seat it’s giving me the information that it’s just a standard economy seat nothing fancy is happening there. Now I’m highlighting over this yellow seat it’s telling me that there’s standard and exit row giving me a little bit more information as to that and then there’s some green ones here . Now this is a standard seat but it has extra legroom because the exit rows in front of it and there’s no seats here so that’s actually so maybe we should book these seats we’ll have to check with Delta up. They’re still available but it’s good to know and sometimes I actually keep this map open with the seat map for the airline I’m playing open next to it just so I can see a comparison of where the seats are. That are available versus what’s a good seat to be on something to be a very aware of are these red seats. In this way we can book the flights.