How To Google-Proof Your Website Penalized


You are likely familiar with Google’s latest “Panda” upgrade that hammered a lot of substantial websites such as Hubpages, EzineArticles, and Mahalo, along with tons of smaller sites (consisting of, unfortunately, among my own). And I make sure that a minimum of a couple of visitors of IncomeDiary had their websites hit also.

The factor for this upgrade was to remove low-grade web content from Google’s search engine results. The factor for this is not to “screw the little guy” or wreck your affiliate revenues. It’s just a method for Google to help provide its consumers (definition, searchers, NOT marketers or associates) with a better search experience. And also, if they have a much better search experience, they are a lot more likely to use Google again to search and not a problem with another search engine like Bing or Yahoo. Ultimately, the objective is that the more individuals use Google, the more individuals will undoubtedly click Google’s ads, making the company extra rewarding.

While this upgrade was an excruciating experience for many people, it did give some advantages for internet marketing professionals that place in a little added initiative. Specifically, this formula update removed a TON of spammy, low-grade websites (not every harmful website, unfortunately) from the competitors. This indicates that many search phrases that were filled with spammy, low-grade sites are now wide open– and ultimately, for the internet marketing professional that intends to place in a little additional effort to make assured he’s “Google-Proofed,” ready for the picking.

The fact is this: this is not the last time Google is going to make an algorithm upgrade. If you execute not have your site set up correctly, after that you are placing on your own in jeopardy of shedding online search engine traffic at any time, basically at the whim of Google. While one may suggest that if you depend on internet search engine website traffic, you are constantly at the “whim” of Google and are putting yourself in danger, there are methods to reduce that threat and avoid your site from being hammered from any future formula updates.

Not every site obtained hit by the Panda update IncomeDiary’s internet search engine website traffic has increased in the past six months from 5,000 internet search engine visitors a week to 10,000, so what made these sites safeguarded? And also, what will keep these sites shielded in the future?

It all boils down to simply a few detailed points.

Standards For “Search Engine-Proofing” Your Website

1. More Emphasis on Social Elements

While the panel is yet out on Google +1’s success, you better think that Google is relocating much more towards social elements like Facebook, Tweets, Stumbles, and +1’s.

I do not understand if Google making its social network isn’t evidence sufficient that Google is focusing much more on the social elements of search. It’s incredibly vital to have these social switches on your website and you, intend to PARTICULARLY create sure that you have the +1 button set up in a prominent place to make sure that you can get the most +1’s feasible.

Google has tried out a ton with re-ranking sites based upon the amount of +1’s they have as well as it’s most likely that they will undoubtedly continue to put a heavy focus on increasing websites that have a great deal of +1′ ed content. Ensure that you are obtaining your clients to “Like” and “+1” your web content.

2. NO Duplicate Web content

This has been a guideline for an extended period now, though it appears that Google is now far more rigorous and punishing websites a lot more heavily for duplicate content. Make sure your SEO strategy doesn’t rely on replicate, automated web content since this will certainly NOT work and only obtain your website penalized in the search engines.

3. LONG, High-Quality Web Content

They ran a comparison of 15,000 essential words. Also, they discovered that generally, the maximum ten results for those 15,000 search phrases all had more than 2,000 words of material on the page that placed in the top 10. One point to remember is that it’s not always one 2,000 word write-up but 2,000 words of material on the whole page. So, for instance, on IncomeDiary’s homepage, there are paragraph-long sneak peeks of blog posts that add up to over 2,000 words of web content, so to Google, it’s a page with over 2,000 words of web content. The survey data doesn’t exist much longer content ranks better. Plain as well as straightforward.

Ensure that it’s top quality, (i.e. edited an 8th-grade degree), it has different kinds of media if possible (video clips, pictures), which it gets shared (like I pointed out before!). Conclusively Google wants you to put REAL EFFORT into providing a top-notch experience for your website site visitors. If you can do that, they WILL CERTAINLY compensate you with more online search engine traffic.

4. Solid Emphasis on On-Site Basics

Once again, as Google’s formulas are continuously refined, premium quality, valuable, and fascinating web content is constantly going to be awarded. However, it isn’t easy to have your premium and magnetic material rewarded if your on-site SEO is set up incorrectly. If Google can not interpret your content and precisely recognize what key phrases to give you website traffic, your top-notch material will get you ZERO search engine traffic. As well as sticking to these strong on-site principles will ensure that your site not only GETS placed yet MAINTAINS its positions via all future algorithm adjustments.

The genuine reality is, if you intend to place for high website traffic, high earnings keywords, you require to make sure that your on-site SEO depends on par (because your competitors are). Without proper on-site SEO, you’re building your site without an appropriate structure.

” So, where can I find out more and also ensure that I’m setting up my website for success in the long term?”

Well, we have obtained a program called The WordPress SEO Blueprint in which my business companion (Tom Lambert), as well as I, go through every little thing we have and do to obtain our WordPress websites placing on top of the online search engine as well as just how you can do the very same with your very own WordPress websites. It’s instrumental and straightforward to adhere to sources that will have you placing your websites on top of the search engines in no time. I guarantee that it will undoubtedly assist in fully secure you from future algorithm updates.