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I went from Tokyo to Nagoya by train.

Since the coronavirus spread all over the world, it is no longer available to travel abroad. (As of September 2021) That said, some people may not be able to control their daily frustrations and the urge to stay away from their daily lives by traveling. I’m one of them. Hello. […]

Best 8 Apps For Tokyo Olympic 2020

  Tokyo Olympics 2020 is a multi-sport worldwide sports event that is going to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan. The motto of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is United by Emotion. This event will end on 8 Aug 2021. More remarkable than 205+ countries took part in the Tokyo Olympics at […]


TOP 5 PLACES TO VISIT IN HAWAII KAUAI From an eye-popping coastline to a gigantic gully… from old societies to cool waterfront flows, if at any point there were an island where everything blossom, clearly it is Kauai. It once took sailors months to contact her shores, yet today, the […]

Spa & Hotel Maihama Eurasia I have stayed.

Tokyo Disneyland is a popular place to go sightseeing in Japan. Almost all guests stay in directly managed or official hotels. Because you can stay in the world of Disney! However, spa and hotel Maihama Eurasia, which was taught by a friend at work, was a complex that can be […]

Revision of guidelines for evacuation information

Evacuation information so far, Alert level 4 has been issued with evacuation advisories and evacuation orders, but the differences are difficult to understand and are generalized in evacuation orders.