Now you can stay comfortable in the hot summer! 7 techniques to eliminate sweat quickly


Summer is finally in full swing. While the intense heat is tough, it is also the season when we suffer from sweating.

It is important to sweat to regulate body temperature.

However, even people who are not particularly sweaty may sometimes want to control their sweating, depending on the occasion.

Hello, this is Santoshi.

I tend to sweat a lot.

I have traveled to many places in the world, but Japan feels the hottest.

This time, I would like to introduce 7 techniques to make you sweat less and make you comfortable.


1.Semi-lateral sweating method

It uses a type of human reflex.

When pressure is applied to either the left, right, upper or lower half of the human body, the skin pressure sweat reflex phenomenon, which causes sweating in one half of the body but suppresses sweating in the opposite half, is utilized.

It is said that Japanese maiko have concentrated sweat on the lower half of the body by compressing the chest with a belt in order to prevent makeup loss due to perspiration.

When you want to control sweating on the upper body, such as the face and armpits, it is said to be effective to use a string or belt and tie it tightly above the navel.

(Tightening the belt lower than normal will draw sweat from the lower half of the body.)

For a more convenient method, you can also put a golf ball or other object between the armpits, or cross your arms and squeeze your fingertips or fists between the armpits and the ribs.


2. acupressure points to control sweaty hands

Use the pressure points on the palms of the hands.

Hand perspiration can be controlled by pressing the acupressure point called “ROKYU,” which is located almost in the center of the palm of the hand.

It is located where the tip of the middle finger touches the palm of the hand when the fist is clenched. (Slightly more than the middle, slightly more than the thumb)

Press the pressure point with your thumb for 5 seconds and release it slowly, five times with each hand.

In addition to improving hand perspiration, it is also effective in promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue.

3. cool the arteries

Cooling the arteries of the thighs, armpits, neck, wrists, and backs of knees will reduce perspiration.

Applying a chilled plastic bottle or canned beverage is effective. Models sometimes place coolant in their armpits between outdoor shoots.

4. peppermint oil

Use the peppermint oil sold in pharmacies.

Spray lightly on the arterial areas of the same, and the body will perceive it as cooler and sweat will recede.

*This method is very effective for antiperspirant purposes.

However, you must be careful.

It does not actually lower your body temperature.

They need to be careful not to get heat stroke.

5. aluminum chloride solution

It is prescribed by dermatologists as a treatment for hyperhidrosis or sold over-the-counter at pharmacies.

It is highly effective in reducing perspiration, but it also has side effects such as skin irritation in some people.

Therefore, its use is recommended after consulting a doctor or specialist.

6. diet to reduce perspiration

Soy foods: tofu, miso, natto, soy milk, soybean flour, etc.

Isoflavones in soybeans have the effect of reducing sweating.

Conversely, foods that stimulate sweating are spicy, sour, strong-tasting, and other stimulating foods.

This is said to be caused by the sympathetic nervous system working too hard.

7.Small tricks to make armpit sweat less noticeable

Spraying the armpit area of your clothes with waterproof spray will make armpit sweat less noticeable.


These are the seven techniques above. Summer never disappears.

Let’s make summer as comfortable as possible and get through the heat.

Hello, I’m Satoshi. I’ve been working as a staff member for an organization for over a decade. During that time, I’ve had various experiences, from launching new businesses to streamlining operations using information I’ve gathered from the internet and my own experiences. Of course, I’ve been successful with the help of colleagues and superiors, and I’m grateful to them. Nowadays, I find myself in a position where people from various backgrounds ask me for advice and share their knowledge. However, being constantly approached has made me realize that I need to protect my own time. So, I’ve decided to start a blog called ‘Satoshi Lab’ to share knowledge. I hope that by writing about my thoughts and experiences, people will enjoy reading and find it helpful in their own journeys.