13 ways to get through the afternoon work that tends to reduce work efficiency.


Hello, I’m Santoshi.

Many Japanese workplaces have long working hours.

It is very difficult to work while keeping myself focused.

My boss has always told me to concentrate and finish my work in the morning, but I can’t seem to finish it.

Unlike work in the morning, when I can concentrate, work in the afternoon after lunch tends to make me sleepy, which inevitably lowers my work efficiency. Here is an article I found that describes how to do such afternoon work efficiently and energetically.

13 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump at Work | Reader’s Digest Version


1: Get 10 minutes of sunlight

Take a walk and get 10 minutes of sunlight during your lunch break, for example, by having lunch outside.

Or you can simply sit and face the sunlight.

Exposure to sunlight resets the body’s internal clock.

It reduces the amount of melatonin, a hormone related to sleep that your body produces.

It also produces vitamin D, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and various cancers.


2: Choose as much protein as possible in your meals and less carbohydrates.

A tuna salad without bread is nutritionally better than a tuna sandwich.

A salad of green vegetables sprinkled with low-fat cheese, a boiled egg, and some sliced poultry is very good.

Better than the pasta salad you usually eat.

This dietary change of choosing protein over carbohydrates produces solid results.


3: Enjoy tea time

It is important to get into the habit of “enjoying a cup of tea in the late afternoon.

The light caffeine effect is one step toward overcoming afternoon fatigue.

Another good way to keep the habit alive is to prepare exotic teas from foreign countries instead of using the same tea leaves continuously.

In that case, it is also a good idea to choose one that contains no caffeine.


4: Clean up your desk and organize your mailbox.

Both of these tasks are relatively mindless and do not require a great deal of concentration or clear thinking.

If your desk and mailbox are cluttered, you will gradually become stressed.

Cleaning it up gives you a tangible sense of accomplishment, which will energize you.


5: Call and say, “I’ve been thinking about you.

It can be your husband, wife, children, siblings, parents, friends, retired co-workers, or anyone else you feel comfortable with.

A phone call for just five minutes can give you hours of energy to get the job done.


6: Drizzle a drop of peppermint oil (hackberry oil) on your hands.

After dripping the oil, vigorously rub your hands together, then rub them over your face

(avoid the eyes).

Peppermint is an effective energy enhancer.


7: Stretch.

Rotate both shoulders forward in a circular motion, and after one round, reverse backward.

Repeat for two minutes, timing the shoulder movements to coincide with slow, deep breathing.


8: Eat a piece of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has several unique benefits.

Unlike milk chocolate, it is healthier and more like a nut or other food than a candy.

It is healthy and contains excellent fats and antioxidants, plus it is rich in fiber and magnesium.

However, do not eat more than one piece.


9: Chewing spicy gum

Gum, such as strong mint flavored gum, is stimulating and the simple act of chewing it is like a tonic to the brain against feelings of emptiness.

In addition, the act of chewing encourages saliva, which helps to remove the bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease created by lunch.

It is important to note that you should always choose sugar-free gum.


10: Work collaboratively with others once in a while.

If you’re starting to feel less focused when you’re working alone, plan work that involves others.

We are social animals, and interaction can speed up our work.

However, it needs to be interactive and interesting work.

Sitting in a chair in a room listening to someone else’s monotonous talk will make you doze off.

11: Perform 10 minutes of isometric training

Isometric training, a form of muscle training that can be done anytime and anywhere, involves pushing a wall or other immobile object with all your might.

Any exercise that holds muscle tension without moving the muscles is acceptable.

For example, you can do an exercise where you put the palms of your hands together in front of your chest and stretch your elbows out to the sides, and then continue to push your hands together.


12: Keep rosemary in your office.

Studies have shown that the scent of rosemary activates energy.

Rub a sprig between your fingers to spread the scent through the air.

If you are really exhausted rub a sprig on your hands, face, and neck.



13: Choose a low-GI afternoon snack.

Chocolate bars, for example, have a high GI value, so when you eat them, your blood glucose level is pushed up rapidly and you may feel temporarily energized.

However, as time passes, blood glucose levels drop rapidly. This can cause symptoms such as mental instability and fatigue.

Instead, a snack containing protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates (such as whole-grain crackers or raw vegetables) can help maintain blood glucose levels at a slower rate.

Remembering simple things can work wonders.

I would be happy to help make your work more efficient.