【To infinity…and beyond!】I have watched “LIGHTYEAR” at TOHO Cinemas Ueno.


I watched “LIGHT YEAR” released on July 1st in Japan time at TOHO Cinema Ueno.

This time I went late at night because of my work.

This is a movie ticket.

The seat is a fluffy sofa like this.

Place a drink here and watch it.

Well, I thought it would be interesting to use a YouTube trailer in advance.

Therefore, let’s prepare for what kind of movie it is before watching it!

This is the first story of Buzz’s youth.

“LIGHTYEAR” is an adventure depicting the activities of Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger who protects the peace of the universe. All the children in the world of “Toy Story” are crazy about this movie and love the main character Buzz Lightyear. A toy modeled after him is the familiar “Buzz” that appears in the “Toy Story” series. What is drawn in this work is the story of the original buzz that fans of the series could not see for a long time.

Buzz’s face is very cool.

Ryohei Suzuki, who played Buzz in “LIGHTYEAR Japanese version” this time, said, “Buzz seems to be a perfect and cool space ranger at first glance. I also want to be a buzz.However, he makes many mistakes and is not good at raising people. Buzz, on the other hand, is a very affectionate and honest person. ”

I think so, too. This Buzz was also a lovable character, just like the clumsy but kind-hearted toy Buzz.

Goods are also on sale in the Japanese version of Shop Disney.

【公式】ショップディズニー | バズ・ライトイヤー グッズ (

I especially want this pouch!

I will definitely buy it when I get paid later.

“LIGHTYEAR” was a movie that filled my feelings.

I want to see it again at the movie theater.

No, it was a movie I wanted to watch 3 or 4 times.

I think I can do my best tomorrow’s work.