Ryuzo Anzai head coach retires


Utsunomiya BREX, who won the championship for the second time since the B League was launched this season, has decided to retire the head coach Anzai, who had been the head coach since the 2017-2018 season, due to the expiration of the contract.

Mr. Anzai has been involved as a player, assistant coach, and head coach since the days of Tochigi Brex (currently Utsunomiya Brex).

It was an irreplaceable person for Utsunomiya Brex, who made a solid achievement in this season’s victory, I think it’s an unfortunate event.

Ryuzo,Anzai’s history


Fukushima Prefecture

Date of birth

November 10, 1980


Fukushima Technical High School → Takushoku University

Player history

2003-04 Miyuki Okura (Kanto Business Group League)

2004-05 Otsuka Shokai (Japan League)

* Rookie King

2005-07 Saitama Broncos

2007-13 Link Tochigi Brex (JBL2 / JBL)

* 2007-08 JBL 2 championship

2009-10 JBL championship

Coach history


Link Tochigi Brex (NBL / B.LEAGUE)

Assistant coach

* 2016-17 B.LEAGUE championship


Link Tochigi Brex / Utsunomiya Brex (B.LEAGUE / B1)

Head coach

* 2021-22 B.LEAGUE champion

Award history


Best Head Coach Award

As mentioned above, he has a great track record in the Japanese basketball world.

Anzai HC comment


“Thanks to everyone at BREX NATION for their great support.

As I mentioned at the press conference, I will retire as a head coach this season.

It’s been 15 years since I came to Brex.

I think it’s been 15 years since I’ve had a lot of experience with players, AC, and HC, and I’ve grown up by meeting various people, whether as a basketball player, a member of society, or a parent.

I rushed to express my gratitude on the court, so I’m really happy if you feel that I’m glad you supported me even a little and I’m glad I fought together.

It’s very difficult to put my thoughts on this club into words, but I really love and value the team.

I would like to continue to support the development of the club as a member of BREX NATION.

In the future, I would like to continue to grow and strive to help the Japanese basketball world as much as possible while spending time reviewing and studying my coaching.

Last but not least, thank you very much for supporting Utsunomiya Brex and Ryuzo Anzai.

Let’s meet again! “

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