Support for IE11 has finally ended on June 16, 2022, Japan time. Next App is Edge.


Microsoft announced on June 16, 2022 Japan time that support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) will finally be officially terminated. This marks the end of 27 years of history since Internet Explorer was installed as the standard browser for Windows 95 in 1995, but it is pointed out that many companies in Japan still depend on Internet Explorer. There is also.

Hello, this is Santoshi.
I really appreciate Internet Explorer, which has existed since I was a child.
The first site I connected to was Yahoo! Japan.
I was excited by the information that was gradually projected from the mosaic.

Today, on TV and the Internet, we are reporting a lot about Internet Explorer ending support today.
Currently, it is still used by many companies and individuals, and the complete migration to Edge has not yet progressed.
It’s been said for quite some time, so people who have moved to new browsers will think:
“What are you talking about now?”
Below, we will introduce the flow so far.

Internet Explorer Frenzy

Internet Explorer 11 has retired and is officially out of support—what you need to know | Windows Experience Blog

Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. Thank you for your patronage for many years. –Windows Blog for Japan

Microsoft announced the timeline for the end of support for Internet Explorer in August 2020. Microsoft urged the move from Internet Explorer to the latest browser, Edge, citing reasons such as “improved compatibility,” “improved productivity,” and “enhanced browser security.”

However, many companies and organizations have continued to rely on Internet Explorer even after the end of support for Internet Explorer was announced. Therefore, in May 2022, one month before the end of support, Microsoft called on the official blog to stop relying on Internet Explorer, and the organization will move to Edge as “The future of Internet Explorer is in Microsoft Edge”. The procedure is also explained.

Internet Explorer support has finally officially ended on June 16th, Japan time. In an official blog, Edge General Manager Sean Lyndersay said, “Internet Explorer (IE), which has helped people use and experience the Web for over 25 years, officially announced today on June 15, 2022. It has been discontinued and is no longer supported. Many people, thank you for using Internet Explorer as a gateway to the Internet. ”

Microsoft has announced the end of support for Internet Explorer for quite some time and has encouraged the move to Edge, but in Japan many government agencies, financial institutions, and manufacturing / logistics companies still recommend Internet Explorer as the only browser on the web. It has been pointed out that the site is operated.

Internet Explorer shutdown to cause Japan headaches’for months’ –Nikkei Asia

According to a survey of Japanese organizations conducted by Keyman’s Net, an IT product information site, in March 2022, 49% of respondents said they use Internet Explorer for their work. According to the respondents, Internet Explorer continues to be used for systems such as employee attendance management, expense settlement, and client order processing, and more than 20% of the respondents decided how to migrate after the abolition of Internet Explorer. He didn’t understand.

In addition, it has been pointed out that the response of Japanese government agencies has been delayed, and there are still many websites that recommend browsing with Internet Explorer. The Information-technology Promotion Agency, an incorporated administrative agency, is calling for the transition to other popular browsers that continue to be supported and the refurbishment of content.

What shoud I do?

By still enabling Edge’s “Internet Explorer mode (IE mode)”, it is possible to browse content that is compatible only with IE.

“Over the next few months, we will gradually open Internet Explorer and redirect to the latest browser, Microsoft Edge in IE mode,” Microsoft said in an official blog. They promise to support Edge’s IE mode until at least 2029.