I use a laptop called Let’s note.


What kind of computer is a computer for work and private use?

A spec-oriented computer has high processing power and can perform complex tasks smoothly.

For example, they are suited for tasks such as programming, video editing, and 3D modeling.

You may want to choose a model with the latest processor, large memory capacity, and fast storage, while a mobile computer is easy to carry and convenient for working on the go.

They feature a lightweight, slim design and are ideal for working in a café or Starbucks.

Generally speaking, 13-inch or smaller sizes are the most popular because they are lightweight.

If you want to keep your budget low, you can also choose a notebook computer priced between 20,000 yen and 30,000 yen.

However, you will have to compromise on performance and durability. Well, there are many ways to think about it.

Hello, my name is Satoshi.

I would like to introduce one of the computers I am currently using.

Let’s note SR3: A partner that combines ease of use and high performance

1.Compact body and high-performance CPU

Let’s note SR3 is equipped with a 12.4″ LCD with a screen ratio of 3:2 and a high-performance CPU in a footprint smaller than A4 paper. It has a simple design that allows you to focus on your work outside of your own office, and you can carry it with you to work in a variety of locations.

2.Long running time and lightweight body

It is lightweight at about 859g and can operate for about 9.5 hours. And here’s the important part!

The battery can be replaced by the PC user himself, so it can be used all day long, even on the go.

3.5G SIM card support and high mobility

With LTE-compatible models, you can connect to a network using only the device itself, without having to connect a smartphone or other device for tethering. This is really convenient and I use it in combination with Rakuten Mobile. It is also convenient to share the Internet with Mac and iPhonen, but it is nice to be able to communicate with the iPhone by itself without worrying about unnecessary things such as the iPhone battery.

4.Easy to type keyboard and spacious display

The SR3 has a larger keytop area while maintaining the key pitch (horizontal: approx. 19 mm) and keystrokes (approx. 2 mm). In addition, the vertical 3:2 ratio LCD features comfortable viewing of vertical document files and websites. This Panasonic screen with its large vertical length is very well suited to the task of typing text. In the past, when I purchased a notebook computer with a horizontal length, I almost cried because it displayed too little content. features for peace of mind

It has a reliable security support function with AI sensor and seems to be regarded as a highly reliable mobile PC. For me, the fingerprint sensor is very convenient: I can log in to the volume unit by placing my finger on the sensor without having to enter a PIN code.

Let’s note SR3 is a partner that combines mobility and performance.

Although the price is high, its ease of use and high functionality will be a great advantage in supporting your work.

Why did I choose Let’s note?

I got my first Let’s note series when I started my job search. At the time, I was working for a low-salary rural company, and I was being pressed by demanding work duties. I arrived at work at 5:00 a.m. every day and finally returned home at 10:00 p.m. Under such circumstances, I felt that I would destroy my body if I kept working in such a place… and I decided to change jobs.

I was using a Mac iBookG4 for my private life, but I needed another Windows computer because I use Windows at work. However, the iBookG4 was heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Because my job search required light footwork, I often went to job interviews on the bullet train.

Borrowed from Apple Computer.
I also used these cute designs.

I was looking for a computer that would not break, was lightweight, and easy to use, and I found a Let’s note W2 on Yahoo Auctions. 23,000 yen was the bid for this W2, which was my first Let’s note.

The W2 was a 12-inch lightweight body computer with a DVD drive and PC card slot. The speakers were mono, which was a little underwhelming at first, but after that the usability was excellent. The battery lasted well, and I didn’t have to carry around a charger as it lasted all day. The keyboard was easy to type on, and I found it perfect for work.

And most importantly, it was convenient to carry around. I would slip it in my business bag and study for exams in the car, or late at night I would adjust my interview schedule, create my resume while traveling on the bullet train, or send e-mails to the person in charge at the other company. I think I was working more than any other time in my life. Sometimes I acted like a spy so that my colleagues would not notice me.

As a result, thanks to W2, I received a job offer from an organization in Tokyo, and I am still here today. iBook was used for entertainment purposes, but it was Let’s note that helped me in important situations in my life. After that, I went through VAIO, PowerBookG4, Mac mini, and now I am using Let’s note SR3 as my main machine.

Let’s note was a life-changing partner and a reliable work tool for me.

Oh no. I’m about to cry as I write this, remembering the old days.

What am I doing with my Let’s note SR3?

So, we’ve finished talking about performance and memories.

You want to know a little more specifically what we do, don’t you?

The main tasks that Satoshi uses SR3 for are as follows.

  • Office Work:.
    • Work smoothly with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Ideal for business tasks such as creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Graphic Editing:.
    • Use Canva to edit blog images and create images for presentations. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from simple design to creative ideas.
  • Video Editing:.
    • Video editing is available using VEGAS, suitable for editing videos up to 30 minutes in length. You can create material for use in projects and presentations.
  • Music Production:
    • Music production is possible using ACID11.
    • Suitable for creative activities such as composing and editing music, creating soundtracks, etc.
  • Internet Browsing.
    • useful for gathering information and conducting research on the Internet. Browsing is comfortable and allows access to a wide variety of websites. The click-wheel function is very useful, and the trackpad edge can be smoothly traced to move up and down.
  • Photo Management:.
    • This is a great tool for organizing and editing photos. Organize your favorite photos and easily access them when you need them.
  • Scheduling and Content Creation:
    • Manage your schedule and create content.
    • Notion allows you to manage your schedule, tasks, and content creation. It can be used as a tool to help you work more efficiently. Some people may find it difficult at first, but being able to link with your smartphone is a big advantage!

It is convenient to be able to perform so many tasks on a single machine without any inconvenience.

Let’s note SR3 can centralize computer management, software management, and power management, allowing you to work more efficiently. The battery is also replaceable, so even if you use it for a long time, you can maintain working hours by replacing the battery. You can keep up with the years!

By the way! Games are fun, but you need to be careful about battery life and performance. For example, the battery goes quickly. For example, I played NBA2K23 on steam, but none of them gave me satisfactory picture quality and operation.

If you want to enjoy games, I recommend you to consider a desktop gaming PC. let’s note, you can enjoy games for a change, but you should be careful not to get stuck in work.

Want one? Let’s buy it!

The sight of a MacBook spread out and working at Starbucks certainly looks cool, and the Let’s note has the same appeal. The fact that it has been sold for so many years with little design change seems to prove that its shape is optimal. For me at least, it is a reliable work tool in this digital society.

At present, in addition to the SR series, Let’s note also includes the FV series with a relatively large 14-inch screen, and the QR series, which is a tablet-type device.

I used to have an SV7, which was also a good model… I wish they would bring it back, but the SR series has a better keyboard and makes me want to type in front of the computer.

I would have liked to see it come back, but the SR series has a much easier keyboard and makes you want to type in front of the computer, so I think its appeal is negligible. Both have many good points.

I was not able to make the decision to purchase the SR series because I thought it would be quite expensive, but once it arrived and I started working with it, I felt that it was a good computer to buy.

Once it arrives in your hands, I am sure it will be a good partner for you.

Come on, let’s carry a Let’s note with you!

Hello, I’m Satoshi. I’ve been working as a staff member for an organization for over a decade. During that time, I’ve had various experiences, from launching new businesses to streamlining operations using information I’ve gathered from the internet and my own experiences. Of course, I’ve been successful with the help of colleagues and superiors, and I’m grateful to them. Nowadays, I find myself in a position where people from various backgrounds ask me for advice and share their knowledge. However, being constantly approached has made me realize that I need to protect my own time. So, I’ve decided to start a blog called ‘Satoshi Lab’ to share knowledge. I hope that by writing about my thoughts and experiences, people will enjoy reading and find it helpful in their own journeys.