【Stress relief】Yaklut1000 【Sleep deprivation】


Hello, This is Satoshi.

When I am working in Japan, I am inevitably tense and tired, and it is difficult to get rid of my fatigue.
At that time, I saw this product at a convenience store that was very effective, so I would like to introduce it to you.
The name of the product is “Yakult 1000”!
This product contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria and is a dairy drink to regulate the condition of the body.
Please note that it is not a pharmaceutical product.

You should drink it continuously every day, of course, but you can feel the effect if you drink it when you feel yourself strained.

In fact, you may want to visit the official website.

Why is it effective for stress relief?

It has been reported that Lactobacillus shirota strain 01 has the function of relieving stress.

It is reported that the increase of cortisol concentration(*) in saliva was suppressed.
A hormonal substance whose secretion increases when stressed.

It has been reported that the experience of stress (*) was suppressed.
Results of a stress experience survey (VAS )
Excerpt from the official website

Lactobacillus shirota strain has been reported to have the ability to improve sleep quality.

Continuous consumption of a beverage containing 100 billion Lactobacillus shirota strains has been reported to improve the quality of sleep under conditions of temporary mental stress.

It has been reported to increase the duration of sound sleep (1) and the degree of sound sleep (2).
1 Non-REM stage 3 sleep time *2 Delta power in the first cycle (amount of EEG delta waves in the frequency band below 4 Hz)

Improvement was reported in the score (*) indicating sleepiness upon awakening.
OSA Sleep Questionnaire MA version
*Excerpt from the official website

It has been reported that Bacillus shirota strain 03 has the ability to improve the intestinal environment.

Lactobacillus shirota strains have been reported to have the function of increasing the number of good bacteria in the intestines and improving the intestinal environment through continuous consumption.
*Ingredient evaluation.
Excerpt from the official website

So, it looks like it is effective for health problems.
But what about the reality?

I tried it myself for a week.

Let’s see what I got.

It is difficult to find places in Japan that sell this “Yakult 1000”.
Fortunately, I was able to purchase it daily at a Family Mart near the company where I usually work.
So, for the time being, I continued drinking “Yakult 1000” with the goal of drinking at least one bottle a day for a week.

It tasted so good that I actively drank it even after I felt nervous.
Some days I drank up to 5 bottles a day.

The conclusion is that I am no longer irritated with myself as much as I can physically do!

It was a tense week for me.
But I wasn’t tired and I was at peace.
Although I did get irritated at moments, drinking “Yakult 1000” each time helped me to calm down, no doubt.

I understand that when I drank this product when I was so emotionally shaken that I wanted to get mad, I found that the irritation itself was removed and the tension was gently eased.

However, it costs 170 yen at a convenience store…which seems a little expensive when you consider that a regular PET bottle averages about 138 yen.
But it is a good thing, because the effect is obvious.
Another effect is that I sleep better.
I used to have a hard time falling asleep even when I lay in bed, and I used to feel uneasy every night.
I also wake up the next day feeling good, so I will continue taking this product as long as I can.