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|iHerb|I purchased a facial massage device called the Amethyst Roller.

Hello, This is Santoshi. I am Santoshi, a lover of imported goods.

Since I haven’t been exercising much in Corona lately, I bought a facial roller from iHerb, a mail order site that deals with supplements and cosmetics.

The name is ECO TOOLS Amethyst Roller.

There are amethyst ball-like things on both sides, and when you move them against your skin, they give a good massage, and the product seems to be vaguely effective when used with lotion.

I would like to try this.

My jaw has been sagging recently, so I would like to roll it around to make my face look refreshed.

For advance information, the official product website of ECO TooL is as follows

iHerb, the site where I actually purchased the products, has a variety of products from around the world that are difficult to purchase in Japan, so it is fun to look at.
By the way, you can purchase from here.

・EcoTools, Amethyst Roller, 1 Roller

The price was 1744 yen at the time of order.
The price may fluctuate depending on the exchange rate or the time of supply and demand.
Please check the price before placing your order.

This is what the package looked like upon arrival.
It is the same as the picture on the product detail page.

It is a simple package and looks easy to use.


The instructions for use are written in English, but to be honest, you don’t need to look at it to understand it to some extent.

How to use

Apply your favorite moisturizer or facial oil.
Start at the chin and roll outward towards the hairline.
Continue this movement throughout the rest of the face and neck area.

(Excerpt from the official website)


Mm-hmm. I see.

So you roll it after applying lotion or milky lotion to your face like you normally use?
You start from your chin to your hairline.
Then you roll it over the entire face and neck.


Okay, I understand.

Let’s get on with it!

My neck hurts!



I see. It seems to have the effect of relaxing stiff muscles.
It seems to work.
In the meantime, let’s try it at work, at the gym, and even before going to bed.

・EcoTools, Amethyst Roller, 1 Roller

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