How to read QR code on iPhone?


Hello, this is Santoshi.

I would like to talk about a feature of the iPhone that I am often asked about in my work.
Let me get right to it. Have you ever seen an image like this?




This is what we call a QR code.
What is the easiest way to read QR codes, which appear frequently in daily life in Japan?

Using iPhone Camera

Here is a simple explanation.
You can use the iPhone’s standard camera function to read the image.
So, where do you need to operate it?
Look for a symbol that looks like a camera on your iPhone screen.


↑It is an icon that looks like this.

Click here.


The screen will then switch to camera shooting mode. Then, adjust the iPhone so that the QR Code appears in the camera.

Note here.
The shutter button is not used this time.


Touch the QR Code on the screen.


When the iPhone recognizes the QR Code on the screen, a yellow frame will appear around the QR Code.
The iPhone will now say, “This information is a QR code. Do you want to operate based on this information? What should you do?
What should you do?
Yes, you should touch the yellow frame.
Touch the yellow frame.


Touch the yellow frame without pressing the shutter release button.

In this case, because welcomebackparty.com is included in the information, the Internet browser Safari automatically opens and jumps to welcomebackparty.com.


A lot of information in a small image

“ It looks like a barcode… I don’t understand…”
”It would be easier for me to understand if I type the address by hand…”

You who are saying that!
QR Code has many advantages.


QR Code was developed by Denso Group in 1994. QR” is an acronym for “Quick Response.
acronym for Quick Response, a name that has high-speed reading as one of its objectives.

QR codes can store more information than the barcodes that have been around for some time, and they are easy to read by simply holding up a smartphone’s camera.
The most attractive feature is the ease of transferring information from paper to a smartphone.

QR codes can be placed on business cards, flyers, company brochures, etc., so that users can access the Web by simply holding up the QR code with their smartphone, without having to type the URL into their browser.

Not only for personal sites, but also for e-commerce sites, or if you have an LP (landing page), you can have people access a specific page directly.

Hey, don’t you think it’s convenient?
I’d be happy to give you a chance to make use of your iPhone.