7 Easy Ways to Motivate


These are 7 ways to motivate yourself when you need to be motivated. They may be useful when you are stuck on something or when you are having a bad day.
The details are as follows.

1. do a little exercise

Exercise stimulates blood circulation and is one of the fastest ways to produce endorphins, known as the happy hormones.

2. Take a nap.

A 10-15 minute nap is said to be remarkably refreshing. Not only that, but while you are napping, your subconscious mind may come up with new ideas and solutions.

3. listen to energizing music

Music is the ultimate mood changer. According to the Greek philosopher Plato, “Music and rhythm help us find our way to the secret places of the soul.

4. have a snack, tea or coffee

You don’t have to actually drink the coffee or tea, but getting away from the work place will give you a new outlook and you will be more motivated when you return to your work place.

5. focus on the positive

People tend to be negative and make things worse when things are not going well at work or when they are not doing well. At those times, it is better to focus on the positive things, such as what is going right, what they have accomplished so far, and how far they have come so far.

6. talk to someone.

Expressing feelings to a friend or colleague is one way to stay healthy and refreshed, they say. They say that when a friend or colleague empathizes with you, you feel as if you are relieved of a burden or that they understand your condition. The fact that others care and share your feelings can lift your spirits and motivate you.

7. completely turn your head.

When you are feeling down, you may spend quite a bit of time on one thing. In those situations, you may need a slightly different type of break. The best way to do this is to spend some time walking away from the work place. For example, you might try taking a break to go shopping, visit a friend, or organize your closet.