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Five things to keep in mind when taking a cheat day off.


On days when you do not feel well enough to take a day off or when you are not in the mood, you may be tempted to take a cheat day off. Although it should not happen, there are some points to keep in mind when taking a cheat day off. There are a variety of things that have nothing to do with cheating, but are common sense, as well as things that make you think, “I see.

1. Always call, not e-mail, to give the reason for your absence.

He said that an e-mail is not very credible and makes it look like he is lying. They say that it is better to tell them over the phone as much as possible because it sounds a little more true over the phone. Especially in Japan, it is outrageous to tell someone you are absent from work by e-mail. You will be offended.

2. Do not talk about too many details.

If you tell too many details, you will be suspected. In addition, since the contents are solidified with lies, it is easy for contradictions to appear if you talk about too many things, which makes it even more dangerous.

3. Food poisoning is easy to use as an excuse.

Because it is not an unusual reason, it is easy to use as an excuse. In the case of food poisoning, it is difficult even for the employee to identify why he or she is sick, so the supervisor cannot go into it too deeply.

4. Do not post on social networking sites about the day you took a day off.

If your acquaintances find out what you did on the day you took a day off, they will find out that you took a day off. If your boss finds out about it, it would be a disaster.

5. Do not wear new clothes or dress fancy the next day.

The day after you miss work, you will be looked at with a bit of suspicion, so you must act as if you had slept at home the whole time. If you wear new clothes, etc., they may think you went shopping.

Either way, if you cheat too much, you will always be found out. It will also cause trouble for others, so even if you do it, do it hodgepodge.

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