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Brex has keep Ikaruga,Araya next season.





On June 13, it was decided that Brex ace guard Seiji Ikaruga and second-year Brex player Hirohide Araya would play for Brex next season.
In addition, Taves Kai, whose contract had expired, has been transferred to SHIGA LAKESTARS.



Ikaruga ,e is a native of Fukuoka Prefecture, joined Utsunomiya Brex in 2017.
This season, he made his presence felt as a captain in 46 regular-season games as a starter.
He also averaged 10 goals and three assists per game in the Championship.
In the final match against the Ryukyu Golden Kings, he won the “Final Award” and was a key player in winning the Utsunomiya Brecks.

Araya, a native of Miyagi Prefecture, was a promising rookie who joined the club as a special designated player from Hakuoh University in 2020.
In his second season, he greatly increased his playing time, scoring a career-high 14 points in the championship quarterfinals against the Chiba Jets.
ikaruga replied, “I want to fight together with you so that I can win back-to-back championships, the Emperor’s Cup, and the district championship.”
Araya replied, “I’m very happy to be able to play for the Utsunomiya Brex again in 2022-2023.”

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