About Us


WELCOME BACK PARTY.com has a news site from Japan.

In an era where individuals can send as much information as they want, the work that WelcomeBackParty is doing is an “information distribution business” that goes beyond the level of individuals.

Use the influence of WelcomBackParty to deliver ideas and news that should be disseminated to the world or kept in people’s memory.

That is the “life work” of the WelcomeBackParty.


WelcomeBackParty.com is run by the Japan-based WayComplex organization.

WayComplex is Japanese news and video studio based in Tokyo and Tochigi.

WayComplex began in 2009 by Satoshi and Syoji brothers.WELCOMEBACKPARTY is a news site and video show made by WayComplex.
This is an organization that works for the purpose of disseminating various information together with the belief of “Useful comes better life.”