How good buying an iPhone or an android smartphone?



Conclusion: Either is fine.

The cell phone.
Some people buy it for the first time and some have used it.
A new mobile phone that I want to buy someday.

Currently, I think it is divided into either iPhone or android.
Those who bought an iPhone will be interested in android smartphones, and those who have android smartphones will be interested in iPhones.

Hello, this is Santoshi.
This time, I would like to write about the most frequently consulted matters since I became a company employee.
“IPhone or android”
A long time ago, when the iPhone 3G and Xperia came out, there was a big difference in the accuracy of the touch panel.
At that time, I would have written an article saying, “Buy an iPhone. Buy an iPhone no matter how expensive it is.”
However, there is no big difference in operation now, and there is no big difference in iPhone user interface and android user interface.
There are some differences in operation. But it only has to get used to the operation.
This is not the answer! Some people may think that.
I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Japan.

Benefits of iPhone

・ You can get the same sense of security as everyone else.
・ “Someone else can teach me how to operate.”
・There is no variation in the operation method.
・The performance of the camera is higher than that of the average smartphone.

・ There are many types of cases.
・ When selling, the price is high and there is a high possibility that it will sell.


Benefits of android

You can choose a model from many manufacturers.
There are smartphones equipped with the latest technological innovations.
External memory such as SD card can be expanded.

There are many apps.
There are more items that can be customized compared to the iPhone.
In Japan, support is generous when purchasing a device from a mobile phone company.
The external keyboard, mouse, etc. are set to be easy to use.


As mentioned above, iPhone and android have many advantages.
So what are the disadvantages?

Disadvantages of iPhone

・The data capacity cannot be increased with an SD card, etc.
・ Some people make a fool of using an old iPhone to some extent.

Disadvantages of android

・ The performance is sparse and you cannot understand the operation performance and ease of use unless you buy it.
・There is no support such as AppleCare +, and there is only one year of normal compensation from the manufacturer.
・The OS may not be updated.

I don’t think there is a problem when using it normally. However, it is the android smartphone that suddenly does not move at a certain time.


・ You should Buy your favorite design.

This is the answer you are most satisfied with.Don’t worry about performance, choose the shape of the smartphone you see.
You’ll love the size of the iPhone 13 mini, and you’ll love Motorola’s razr foldable smartphone.
It’s something I carry every day.

You can’t feel the joy of carrying it unless you have the shape you like.Imagine yourself having a smart phone that looks cooler than a ugly cell phone. Isn’t it exciting?

After that, you should think about the functions and performance of your smartphone.

Abov all, “Do you feel happy that you can imagine yourself using it?” Is it possible to imagine this?

Conclusion again

Either iPhone or android smartphone is the correct answer. Please choose according to how you see and good feel.