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9 Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

Eating chocolate is good for you, and in fact, it was used as a medicine in the past. What are the actual benefits?

The details are as follows

1. Blood pressure reduction


The flavonoids in cacao balance blood pressure and blood clotting.

2. Acceleration of blood circulation to the brain


Cacao flavonols seem to improve blood flow to key areas of the brain.

3. Elevation of mood


Caffeine and other chemicals in dark chocolate are good for mood and premenstrual symptoms. Also, the phenethylamines in chocolate seem to trigger a sensation similar to that of falling in love.

4. protection against cell breakdown, 5. improvement of blood sugar levels


The flavonoids in pure dark chocolate have a positive effect.

5. reduction of heart attacks


Eating dark chocolate daily reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%.

6. Helps alleviate chronic fatigue syndrome


Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome who ate 1.5 ounces (about 42.5 grams) of dark chocolate containing 85% cocoa experienced less fatigue than before.

7. increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol


Compared to tea, coffee, and onions, dark chocolate is associated with lower bad cholesterol.

8. promote blood sugar processing


Eating dark chocolate appears to increase blood sugar metabolism and decrease the risk of diabetes.

9. Relief of persistent coughing


Theobromine, one of the substances that make up cacao, seems to be very effective.

Most chocolates contain a lot of fat, sugar, and calories, so it is recommended to eat chocolates that have had the sugar and dairy fat removed, and to choose chocolates that contain at least 60% cacao. (Chocolate standards)

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