“Bleague” basketball league championship is too hot!!

Where is the league famous for basketball? Of course, when asked, “NBA”.

I’m no different.

By the way, my favorite team is the New York Knicks.

I especially love the Knicks team of 1999. I like Patrick Ewing, Charlie Ward, Alan Houston, Latrell Sprewell, Larry Johnson, Chris Childs and Marcus Canby.

I loved the style of defending with everyone at that time, taking the ball and attacking with all our might. Oh, hopefully I want you to build a team like that one back then!

I naturally love the team we have now. I especially love Derrick Rose. Or y, the last game I saw when I bought a ticket was Derrick Rose’s move to the Knicks. At that time, his number was impressive at no.25 with a wonderfully fast dribble and middle shot.

Well, let’s talk about the B league, and now the Championship is going on with May 28th and May 29th in the Japanese Basketball League.

Compared to the NBA, each player’s skills and physical abilities seem inferior. However, I think that we have not lost because of the fun of the game.



What kind of history is it?

This is the fourth year since the founding of the Japanese Basketball League.

History is pretty short, but I think it’s been a successful professional sport.

The popularity of basketball in Japan has long been very high due to the influence of manga such as “Slam Dunk”.

However, it was hard to say that the association officers who manage the sport were run by people who liked basketball. Moreover, the association itself was in a bad relationship, split into two organizations, and was kept 100% against international matches for a long time.

There was a request from foreign countries to make sure that the Japanese basketball association should not be operated as it is, and we were finally able to put it together into one organization before the Olympics.

Its name is also called “B-League”. There are teams all over Japan, and the amount of support may be the same as in the NBA.

Among them is a team called Utsunomiya Brex, which belongs to Yuta Tabe, the first Japanese NBA guard player.


Hello. Satoshi.

When it comes to basketball, it may be my bad habit to want to talk about my favorite team. Sorry about that.

The B-League championship is now taking place, and Utsunomiya Brex, they’re my favorite team in b league.

I want to say “Please Pay attention! ”

However, in the first match held earlier, we lost to the other team, the Chiba Jets.

Good luck from here! Let’s Go !Utsunomiya Brex!

Highlights of the first match include:

What kind of this team?


Utsunomiya Brex is a Japanese professional basketball team based in Tochigi Prefecture. After winning JBL 2 in 2008, the team played in the National Basketball League.

In July 2015, it was announced that they would participate in the first division of the New Japan Professional Basketball League (B-League), which started in October 2016. On May 27, 2017, they won their first B-League title, beating Toshiba Kawasaki Brave Thunders 85-79 in the final score. [2]

(from Wikipedia)



Well, I would like everyone to support me, so I will introduce what kind of players there are.

Images and videos are quoted from the official website.


Yuta Tabuse


The first player to introduce is Yuta Tabuse.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a former Phoenix Suns player.

That was when Steve Nash was there. From there, he is still very popular as a legend of the Japanese basketball world and is a mental pillar of Utsunomiya Brex.

He has a great passing sense and is a great player to watch mature as a point guard who doesn’t miss shots when it matters.


Ryan Rossiter

Next player is Ryan Rossiter!!

He is a player with a very high slinging ability who is in need of center and power forwards.

Handling is good, it is a player who shows the scene to attack with dribbling well while being long.

In the B-League, you can’t stop 3-point shots from 206cm tall!


Jeff Gibbs

Next up is Jeff Gibbs.

He is a player who has been playing power forward and center with Ryan Rossiter as the key player of Tochigi Brex.

He’s very good at rebounding and his dunks from rebounds are very powerful.

His personality is bright, and his occasional flirty appearance is very popular with fans.

Makoto Hiejima

Introducing Makoto Hiejima.

Hiejima is a scorer who has the skills to disrupt defenses with a unique step called step. We mainly undertake shooting guards and small forwards.

Like Tabuse, I’ve been to Australia (Brisbane Brets) and I think my strength and confidence in shooting is the best among the fans.

Hironori Watanabe

He is a point guard who is good at outside shooting.

In addition, he has a very high success rate of shots shot at times with less time remaining, such as just before the end of the quarter, just before the end of the shot clock, and just before the end of the game.

Therefore, in important situations such as the end of the game, passes often come from allies, and he is a very popular player from teammates and fans.

Coolest of all!

Hiroki Watanabe also shoots in situations where he wants to bring momentum to the team.


Yusuke Endo

Endo is an indispensable defensive support player.

However, as an all-round player, he is in charge of guards and forwards, but he is still a 3-point shooter with the physical ability to defend well, bring in shots, and stamina to hunt down opponents.

I think he is a player like Sakuragi Hanado who says in a slam dunk. Sometimes watching a game feels a sense of self-confidence.

Believe in yourself and take more shots! You’ll got to shot! It is a player who wants to support.


Kai Toews

Personally, I’m my favorite player.

He shines on the fast break. He is the player with the fastest shots from dribbling and passes from dribbling.

He is a young player who feels mentally available so that he can do anything alone when he sees it.

The playstyle may be similar to Derrick Rose.



He is head coach.

He has a history of winning championships as a former Brex player.

It is a person who thinks about the flow of the game firmly and swings the order. It is a director who is very popular with fans.

He is also a coach with a strong will for the players.

Utsunomiya Brex, who will fight under this coach, can proceed with peace of mind while asking for judgment of the match situation.

He is a unique coach with a big physique that brings these unique players together.


Utsunomiya Brex lost yesterday.

But I don’t give up yet.

Utsunomiya Brex has a great defense similar to the New York Knicks and an attack that everyone can play a leading role in.

You can’t hate a team like this.

Now the championship was one defeat and now. You have to win the championship without two wins first.

However, I have not given up, so I would like to ask for your support so that Utsunomiya Brex can win the championship.

15/06/2021 add
Utsunomiya Brex, fans, thank you for your cheering.

And congratulations to the Chiba Jets for winning the championship.

Utsunomiya was also strong, but Chiba was too much strong.

the score was a win and two losses.

It was a close game until the third and fourth quarters, but I was panicked at the end or I couldn’t get a shot in.

I was also cheering at Yokohama Arena, but let’s look forward to next year without any strength.

Hi, I’m Satoshi.

I watched the final match of Utsunomiya Brex vs. Chiba Jets at Yokohama Arena.

The support of the fans (boosters) of Utsunomiya Brex is as perfect and pleasant as usual.


I managed to make it to the second half because of my work.

Good luck Brex!


Kai Toews practicing.


Chiba Jets’ Togashi with only a back

Hiejima’s free throw.

Well, I want to get how to cheer for Brex!

Please remember and support by next year as a way of supporting at the time of offense for the time being.


Easy to say ” Let’s Go! Tochigi! (Five times crap your hands!)”

Now you are fans of Utsunomiya Brex.


Let’s get win the championship next year.