Spa & Hotel Maihama Eurasia I have stayed.


Tokyo Disneyland is a popular place to go sightseeing in Japan.

Almost all guests stay in directly managed or official hotels.

Because you can stay in the world of Disney!

However, spa and hotel Maihama Eurasia, which was taught by a friend at work, was a complex that can be enjoyed very much by this hotel alone.

Hi, I’m satoshi.

Let’s heal your tired body at Tokyo Disneyland here at Spa & Hotel Maihama Eurasia.

What kind of place?

Spa & Hotel Maihama Eurasia is a spa-focused hotel.

Access is as follows:




There is a free shuttle bus at The Station Maihama Station Bus Terminal C3 at Tokyo Disneyland approximately every 20 minutes.



And the exterior of the hotel looks like this.

From the entrance, take the escalator to the front desk on the 3rd floor.

In the Rooms

This room will be a casual room on the 4th floor.

I stayed 4024 rooms.

The room key looks like this.

When I arrived, the clothes in the building were prepared on the bed.

This freely moves around the spa and the hotel.

It was very soft clothes.

It’s a desk and a TV.

Since the HDMI cable can be connected to the TV, the hotel life will be better if you take it home or play video games while you take a break.

The spa is available, so the unit bath is sufficient.

Toilets are everywhere in hotels and spa facilities, so larger toilets may be better placed.

There is an observation facility on the 10th floor of the main building, and you can overlook Tokyo Disney Resort.


When the coronavirus ends, you will see beautiful fireworks.