I went from Tokyo to Nagoya by train.

Since the coronavirus spread all over the world, it is no longer available to travel abroad.

(As of September 2021)

That said, some people may not be able to control their daily frustrations and the urge to stay away from their daily lives by traveling.

I’m one of them.

Hello. This is Satoshi.

This time, it is an article that you can travel to Japan so cheaply if you thoroughly implement coronavirus infection prevention measures.


Travel around Japan by train

Japan is one of the world’s leading train powers.

Various trains such as shinkansen, railway companies covering the Japanese archipelago called JR, subways and streetcars in each region run.

This is very appreciated for both travelers and Japanese people. This means that you can travel in Japan with just your body, wallet, and smartphone without owning a car or motorcycle.

I used “Seishun 18 ticket” this time

Well, there is only one thing purchased to move.

It is a limited-time ticket released by JR. Its name is “Seishun 18 Ticket”

The concept is “to remember the feelings of teenagers”

The great thing about this ticket is that if it is a JR route, you can ride all but when special fares are required in addition to tickets such as Shinkansen and limited express trains.

I want to make it clear that I can’t ride the Shinkansen or limited express trains in any case.

This is released as one piece for 5 or 5 people in total, and the fee is 12,050 yen.

Let’s get one stamp stamp pressed at the ticket gate a day, and get on the train and go any far. It is the one.

Therefore, please think about 2,500 yen per person or once.

Now, let’s purchase this ticket at Ikebukuro Station and take measures against coronavirus infection.

Next, about coronavirus

About coronavirus
infection prevention

It has been a year and a half since coronavirus spread.

It is unders been known that most of the infection routes are droplet infections.

First of all, I prepared 8 masks of nonwoven fabric so as not to put viruses in the body.

This is already at home because I always work with a mask.

What I am using is a “comfort guard refreshing mask” of Hakugen Earth.

This is cheap! And my ears don’t hurt!

Also, Listerine as a mouthwash countermeasure. This is also sufficient for smaller types.

You also sell such convenient things in Japan.

And I made 300 yen at a pharmacy near the disinfectant solution.

But most of all, don’t forget to be aware that it won’t be an infectious disease.

This awareness can greatly reduce risk.

In the Japanese community, there is a strong feeling that we care about each other, “we will not make ourselves and the other person feel uncomfortable.”

As a result, I think that the number of infected people in Japan is still small in the world.

I’d like to think this is probably okay.

On the day of the trip

Here, I am now in Ueno, Tokyo.

In the dark night time, I walked to Ueno Station.

There are few people.

And the youth 18 ticket that I have can not be used at a normal ticket gate.

This uses a manned ticket gate at the end of the ticket gate.

When you get on for the first time that day, show your ticket to the station staff in Kasaitsu and have them stamp the date stamp.

In the case of a group of two, you will have to press 2 places and in the case of 3 people, you will be pushed to 3 places and enter the station.

If you greet the station staff with a smile at this time, you can get a smile from the station staff, so let’s try it by all means.

By the way, take the Yamanoted Line and head to Tokyo Station.

From Tokyo Station, take the Tokaido Line to Nagoya.

Just in case, I will write again, but I can not go to my destination quickly using the Shinkansen.

Get on the train at each station with the feeling of a young man without money.

First of all, I will get on the train to Numazu.

It was already getting brighter.

Why does the morning sun rise so early in the summer season in Japan?

From there, we will go to the end point and then take a train towards Nagoya.

Say  “To NAGOYA!!”


Escape from the  in Bentenjima station

On the way, I failed to ride the train for a long time.

I got train sick.

I didn’t look into anything at Bentenjima Station when I got off, but this is Japan.

“I thought there would be a convenience store, so I rather went out of the station.”

I think that the ticket which can be done like this is very thankful existence.

I see. There are almost no shops. It’s like a resort.


When I walked a little, I saw “Family Mart”, a convenience store, so I bought a drink there.

Oh, I d’m thirsty.


Now go back to the station and wait for the next train.

In the mean time, take your favorite bags and commemorative photos…

I was able to shoot with a good feeling.

It seems to have refreshed my mind a little.

Arrive in Nagoya!

I left around 5:00 and arrived around 12:00, so I arrived in Nagoya from Tokyo in about 7 hours.

This trip, slowly looking at the scenery and seeing the people living there, became very enjoyable and meaningful.

Of course, it is possible to get to the destination early, but I think that it was very positive influence on the experience of life by traveling slowly while looking into the life of the area.

If I didn’t get out, I wouldn’t have been available to write up an article like this.

Thank you for reading this far.