CheerPod is the best of mobile mouse!

When I creating some blogs, I almost wanted to writing on the iPhone.
By doing so, I thought that I would have less belongings and that I would be able to prepare a writing environment with comfortable equipment even in an emergency. But apple mouses, can’t use on it.

This time, I bought the mouse and touchpad “CheerPod” from the crowdfunding site “Indiegogo”, so I would like to introduce it to you.

In conclusion, I bought it and didn’t regret it.
CheerPad was shocking when I discovered that it was registered on a crowdfunding site.
It was too simple and unbreakable, and it had a lot of features.

It’s small enough to be carried around.
The iPhone 11 Pro, keyboard and mouse fit in the inner pocket of the suit.

The moment I saw it, I thought, “This is the only way to invest.

Let’s look at the shape of the main body.
I will describe it as the same size as a Frisk or match box.

Touchpad button with three functions, left and right buttons and center button on the top


The bottom is similar to Apple’s Magic Mouse.

On the other side was a USB Type-c port for charging and an LED light for status display.

Feature Description
This CheerPod includes the following features:
・Touch pad
・Laser pointer

There is a mode switch and a laser pointer on the side.

I think it’s best to connect it to an iPhone or iPad, but I think it’s also convenient to carry it with a mobile laptop, which is difficult to use because it can be connected to a laptop.

The connection method is Bluetooth 5.0.
The usage time is 20 days, and one charge is 1.5 hours.

Compatible OS is iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows.

I put it in the pouch.

Holds the mouse and charging cable.
The [Cheer dots] logo is printed on the surface of the pouch.

Cheerdots is the brand name and CheerPod is the product name.


“Ground Mode”

Set the switch on the side to the center.

It’s a mode that you use like a normal mouse. Here’s how to grab it …
Touch the body with your ring finger.
If you move the “cheerpod” as it is, the pointer will follow.
If you move while pressing the middle button position, it will scroll.
If you press four fingers at the same time, there is a desktop switching function.

“Air Mode”

A mode in which the upper surface is used as a touchpad.
Hold it with your hand and operate the touchpad with your thumb.

Left-click with one tap, right-click with a long press and swipe to scroll up and down.
You can use it as a laser pointer by pressing the middle button.

This is very small size. It is not the type that makes you happy in your hands.
Like this.

You need to get used to it as a tool.
If you are concerned about this, I think you should look for another product.

Now I have an environment where can easily go out and create something like the NOKIA 6630 commercial. The rest depends on my motivation. No excuse.

I want to live like this.


If you are want CheerPod,It released on Check it out! !!