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  • 07/06/2021
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At the last apple event, airtags and new iMacs and iPadpro were announced.

How about this time?

On June 4, 2021, Apple will release a wirelessly charged iPad Pro and a home buttonless iPad mini, foreign media outlet Bloomberg reported. The new iPad Pro, like the iPhone 12, will switch to a glass back, while the iPad mini will have a slimmer bezel.

Apple Readies IPad Pro with Wireless Charging, New IPad Mini – Bloomberg

“Apple plans to release the new iPad Pro in 2022 and the iPad mini in late 2021,” bloomberg reported. For the iPad Pro, the official said that “we will switch from the current aluminum to the glass to enable wireless charging”, and that “the bezel is going to be narrow and the removal of the home button is being tested” for the iPad mini.

If new design iPad mini will be announced, I’m so glad.

I may buy it because I want to watch videos at home.

I have to keep focus to wwdc21 this time.


2021/6/11 add a postscript。

This time, “iOS 15”, the latest version of iOS, which is the OS for iPhone and iPod touch, has been announced.

In iOS 15, the video calling app “FaceTime” that helped connect people separated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, updates of communication apps such as iMessage, and a new function that seamlessly shares content between apps ” “SharePlay” etc. have been announced.

You can watch the event again from the following.

Apple Events – Apple

A movie of developers sharing ideas about the opening of WWDC was played, and Tim Cook, CEO of Fake, and Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, made an outstanding performance.




about FaceTime

first iOS15, for iPhone. “FaceTime”, a genuine video calling app installed on iOS, is…

  • Spatial audio added a feature that allows you to experience the experience of a call participant being on the side, and hears voices from the direction displayed on the FaceTime screen.
  • Added the function to recognize the noise picked up by the microphone during a call, block the ambient noise, and deliver “voice only” (freely on and off)
  • Added a grid view where the faces (video) of all video call participants are displayed in tile format
  • Video calls support portrait mode
  • Created a link that allows you to join FaceTime calls and added a FaceTime link feature that can be shared by apps such as messages
  • FaceTime calls (rooms) created with FaceTime links can join calls from a dedicated web page with strong encryption, and can join FaceTime calls on devices other than Apple products
  • Added SharePlay function that allows you to share and listen to Apple Music music while on FaceTime calls, watch video streaming app footage together, deliver iPhone screen to other party (screen sharing), etc.

about Messages

  • Added the function to collage (design arrangement) photos.
  • Added a function that allows you to quickly switch between photos received in large quantities by swiping, and a function that allows you to perform Tapback (reaction) together.
  • Added the feature that shared news stories appear as “stories from friends” at the top of the news app
  • Added the feature that shared Apple Music playlists appear as “music from friends” in the Music app
  • Added the feature that allows shared photos to appear in “Share with you” in the Photos app, and these photos appear in “Recommended Photos” and “Memory”

Focus mode

  • Added a “summary of notifications” that receives “notifications that are not in a hurry” together at any time you set in the notification function. Notifications summarized as summaries are arranged from important ones, and notifications (messages) received from individuals can be received at any time without being subject to the summary.
  • If your iPhone is turned on for Do Not Disturb, the Messages app will show you what status you know is in Do Not Disturb mode
  • Added Focus mode to allow you to customize apps and people that allow notifications depending on the scene you use. Several Focus modes (Do Not Distr, Personal, Work, Sleep) are available, allowing you to switch freely depending on the scene you use.
  • During Focus mode, a dedicated page with apps and widgets tailored to Focus mode is added to the home screen.

about intelligence

  • Added the function to convert text and copy characters copied in the camera app (OCR)
  • It is now possible to select the characters reflected in the photos saved in the photos app, for example, to check the details from the name of the shop, and added a function to make a call by tapping the captured phone number
  • Live Text is not just a camera or photo app, it’s compatible with system-wide photos (screenshot screen, quick look screen, Safari, etc.)
  • Available in 7 languages, including English, and Japanese is not supported.

Visual Look Up feature to learn more about the animals in your photos

  • Visual Look Up added for easy details of animals, plants, art, and landmarks in photos.


Spotlight search with more search capabilities

  • Spotlight search enables you to search for photos, and you can search by keywords such as people, scenery, and location (place name) in photos. It also supports searching for photos that contain characters recognized by Live Text.
  • The Spotlight feature adds a variety of information to your contacts, and if you’re sharing your location with the app, you’re looking for, you’re displaying location information, shared content (music, video, etc.), message app’s most recent conversations, related schedules and emails, and more.

Photo app for memory customization

  • Enhanced memory at the top of For You, with personalized music added from Apple Music for a vibrant perfection
  • Memory customization function “Memory Mix” has been added, allowing you to apply filters (monochrome, etc.) to memory, select music to play during memory playback, etc.

about Wallet

  • Added a key function that can unlock the doors of detached houses and apartments, and by adding an employee ID card, it is possible to enter and exit the office by touch, and unlock the keys of the hotel room at the destination (installation of compatible locking products is required)
  • Added the function to scan identification cards and bring them into Wallet in some U.S. states.

about Weather

  • Redesigned overall app with a design that changes background depending on current weather
  • Optimize (change) the location of data according to various situations such as weather
  • It is easier to check the wind speed, UV index, barometric pressure, etc. than before.
  • Support for displaying high-resolution weather diagrams for full-screen display.

about Map

  • Interactive globe mode added
  • Detailed information such as commercial districts, drawing lane information (dedicated lanes, etc.) during car navigation, new maps displayed in three-dimensional 3D view near highway ICs
  • Add intuitive navigation features with AR
  • However, these new map features are only available in some countries, such as London and New York, and the planned implementation date in Japan has not been announced.

that’s iOS 15.

In addition, iPadOS15, watchOS8, macOS Monterey, were announced.