Why I continue to use Panasonic Let’s Note.

  • 30/07/2021
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I want to take my WORK IT device with me everywhere, browse the web, send and receive emails, and even work at any time. There is never one way to meet these needs, and there is now a very wide range of options.

There are those who say that “if there is only a minimum smartphone, it will be manageable”, “It is enough to add a tablet alone or even a keyboard”, “After all it is useless without a notebook PC”, “2in1 PC that can be used as a tablet is convenient”, etc., it is certain that each human value is.

However, if you ask for a device that can “work well” against the “outside”, the options will be narrowed.


Hello. Satoshi.

I will introduce the pc that I am using this time.

It is Panasonic’s Let’s Note SV7. I carry it almost every day since I bought it in 2019.

It is a wonderful laptop that feels light and easy to work on, although it is a pc that is as good as an old PC.

If you look at Japanese businessmen, they overwhelmingly use Panasonic’s “Let’s Note” series.

Among them, there are many “Let’s Note SV” series, and the former 12.1 inch size is very popular. Why on earth?


What serious people want from a business mobile PC

From a slightly different point of view, I have the impression that I can work or work steadily in any situation while meeting with business partners on a daily basis or having personal relationships. Imagine a person.

What kind of device does the person use? Personally, I feel that there are many people who always carry a laptop and use it not only on the go but also as the main machine. And I think that the products that are often used in that are “Let’s Note” in the past and now. Why is it?

Panasonic’s Let’s Note is not designed only for “carrying”, but from the beginning of the series, it has cited “light weight”, “long time”, “sturdiness” and “high performance” as necessary elements for business mobile, and has a history of meeting it at a high level and always pursuing practicality in various mobile applications in the long history so far.

If you are interested in PC even a little, I think that everyone must recognize that the ability and popularity of Let’s Note are at a high level, to varying degrees, as a fact. In particular, it has a high reputation in the field of business mobile, and has established a position in Japan that is not an exaggeration to say “business mobile = let’s note”.

Among them, the “SV series” can be said to be the most standard model.

Why I choose Let’s Note SV7: I’m embarrassed if it’s not “tough” because it’s an invovetable existence!

As I mentioned at the beginning, the means to do business on mobile are diversifying.

In addition, this will include a multi-device approach that allows you to use different devices depending on the situation.

I think there is merit in “doing everything with one unit”. Because it is simply easier to use.

Of course, even if you choose a multi-device, you can use the same data anytime, anywhere by utilizing cloud storage. In addition, you can “use the same desktop environment” anytime, anywhere by using desktop virtualization and other means.

However, the usability does not stay only by it. It should not be my only problem that “if all environments are not aligned, the work efficiency will be lost in size or small”, such as the screen that I always see and the keyboard that I always hit.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear let’s note is the top plate of the bonnet structure. The SV series maintains high robustness by adopting an inverted dome bonnet structure while reducing weight. On top of that, the upper model equipped with the L battery has a battery life of about 21 hours, and the S battery equipped model also achieves about 11 to about 14 hours. Boasts overwhelming toughness not only in exterior but also in continuous operating time.

That’s why Let’s Note makes products that emphasize “tough”, or robustness. Because it is a “buddy” that I seriously use for work, I am troubled if I can not use it due to breakdown or trouble. It’s not just a personal problem, it can turn into a bigger problem, in some cases a loss of business opportunities.


The big feature of let’s note is nothing but “bonnet structure of the top plate part”. The let’s Note SV7 uses an improved “inverted dome bonnet structure” with the aim of making it thinner and lighter while making it more sturdy. The center part of the bonnet is a little bit of a s mortar shape (but it is about 0.2 to 0.3 mm), and it is thinner and less deflected when the load is applied, ensuring robustness.

Why a dextering businessman chooses let’s note SV7: I don’t want to compromise on performance because I use it as a main machine!

Do it all on one device, anytime, anywhere. That means using it as the main machine. Then, the point “Whether or not it is possible to perform daily work comfortably” cannot be given away.


Of course, cpu performance and screen resolution have steadily improved even in tablets, etc., and it is said that it has reached a level comparable to that of notebook PCs, but when you actually use it, there are many people who feel that there is still a big difference in experience.

Among mobile PCs with full HD (1920×1080 pixels), the Let’s Note SV7 is equipped with a liquid crystal display that supports a long 1920×1200 pixel display. The popularity of production applications is that they have access to a large desktop area.

Let’s Note SV7 features an 8th generation Intel Core i5/Core i7 processor on the CPU. The screen has a wide viewing angle of 12.1-type WUXGA (1920×1200 pixels), and not only is the resolution high, but the aspect of 16:10 compared to the horizontal aspect greatly contributes to the comfort when viewing and creating documents or dealing with table calculations.

Why I choose let’s note SV7: Keyboard is not only absolutely necessary, but it doesn’t make sense if you can’t type comfortably!

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most important place to say.

In business, there are various tasks, but character input is still a big part of that. When writing articles on blogs like myself, sending emails, writing proposals and daily reports, or taking small notes, there are many cases where the work that I used to do with paper and pen is digitally based, and it is necessary to input characters with a keyboard in a wide range of everyday situations.

(I think that’s why there is a keyboard sold separately on the iPad.)

While ensuring sufficient key pitch/keystrokes as the main machine, the leaf-shaped key top also considers ease of typing. I think that the comfort of character input is one of the best mobile PCs.

The Let’s Note SV7 pursues further “ease of hitting” by securing a key pitch of 19 mm in width and 16 mm in length, and a keystroke of 2 mm, and by adopting a key layout leaf type key top that suppresses false touches.

In addition, in addition to detailed considerations such as making the cursor key independent and ensuring the standard width of the symbol key, by assigning “CTR + ALT + DEL” to the function of the BACKSPACE key, it also includes a device that can perform reset and screen lock operation while having the main body.

And the unique wheel pads are very easy to use. The trackpad is round rather than common square, but it’s not only fun, but also really comfortable to point without discomfort and scroll around your fingers along the edge of the pad.



The enhancement of the interface was the main purchase.

No other USB-C hubs are required. There are no accessories that must be purchased together when purchasing. Almost all interfaces exist in Let’s Note.

Front of the main body. Optical drive, SD memory card slot (SDXC compatible), headphone terminals in easy-to-access front location

left side of the main body, right side.

USB3.1 Type-C port (Thunderbolt ™3, USB Power Delivery compatible)
USB3.0 Type-A port ×3 (one of which also serves as smartphone charging) / LAN connector (RJ-45)
External display connector (analog RGB mini D-sub 15 pin)
HDMI output terminal (4K60p output compatible)

If you are a serious business mobile, let’s note SV7

As mentioned above, I have cited the reason why Let’s Note SV7 is chosen in the business scene, but even so, some people may not change the impression that “even if you can’t work too comfortably, you can still use a smartphone more easily”.

It will never be a mistake. So, what is bringing such an impression? Can you take it out of your pocket right out of it? Or is it touch operation?

No, probably because it has built-in 2010 communication functions. No matter now, internet connectivity is almost essential for PCs and IT, and it is easy to imagine that the fact that it is possible to communicate on its own on the go has a big impact on usability.

However, the Let’s Note SV7 doesn’t really have a point, and by choosing a wireless-compatible model, you can start up immediately and exchange data (LTE) data communication on the go.

This means you don’t have to carry a Wi-Fi router with you.

In the past, there were many people who bought notebook PCs during this period to get a job or to enter a university. However, there is no denying that such a trend is fading somewhat with the spread of smartphones and tablets.

Now you can buy the latest SV1.

パソコン(個人向け) | Panasonic

Computers are a useful tool.

So to speak, it is the same position as stationery or more, so I don’t think everyone needs to make the same choice.

In particular, apple’s thin Macbookpro will be designed and some people like the GUI. Dell, HP’s customizable

I think that you should choose what you like.

However, if you agree with my reasons, please take a let’s note. It is a wonderful product that you can get attached to while using it. I don’t think you regret it.

In addition to being useful for business use and personal use, I think that you can consider carrying a laptop in the sense of entering from form or directing yourself. And the Let’s Note series should be your leading choice.