Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Medal Design


It won’t be long before the initial medals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are distributed, as an overall of seven sports will be offering the honours the day after the opening events.

International Olympic Committee guidelines specify that the obverse medal layout should include the list below aspects:

  • Nike, the Greek siren of triumph, in front of the Panathinaikos Stadium
  • The primary name of the respective Games, in this situation, Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020
  • The Olympic five rings symbol

In 2016, 973 medals were handed out during the Games in Rio de Janeiro. There will be a lot more with new sporting activities like 3×3 basketball, softball, and skateboarding. In total, approximately 5,000 medals have created the games.

While each bronze, silver and gold medal includes several of the same components as years past, each host city puts its twist into what the medals appear like, so no two games look the same, and this year is no different. Below is everything to learn about the medals that will undoubtedly be distributed this year.

What do they appear like?

All medals must have specific emblems on them. According to the International Olympic Board, medals need to consist of: The Olympic 5 rings symbol, Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, before the Panathinaikos Arena and the leading name of the games. This year’s video games are formally called the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020.

The distinct twist on this year’s medals mirrors their theme, which is “light and also “brilliance” as they are suggested to resemble sharp rocks that are now polished.

The medal’s patterns of light represent athlete power and also “those who support them.” According to the Tokyo Olympic Committee, the layout represents variety, while the “radiance” stands for “the warm radiance of friendship” around the world.

The name of the event the competitor contended in will undoubtedly be engraved on the side of the medal in English.

The medals are connected to a victory medal ribbon that is “designed to be a representation of Japan itself as well as of the method the nation demonstrates ‘Unity in Variety.'” Winners are additionally offered a one-of-a-kind wood medal situation. No two instances coincide.

What are their measurements?

The diameter is roughly 3.35 inches. The thinnest part of the medal is 7.7 millimetres long, and the thickest part is 12.1 millimetres long. Gold medals weigh about 556 grams, silver weighs about 550 grams, and bronze is about 450 grams.

Who designed them?

The medals were designed by Junichi Kawanishi, the director of the Japan Sign Design Association and the Osaka Design Society. He won a competition of over 400 various other professional developers as well as layout pupils.

What are they made of?

It would not be the case if you thought the gold medals were made totally out of gold. The gold medals only have six grams of gold plating on it, as the rest is pure silver. The silver medal is made of pure silver, while the bronze medal is made from red brass, which is 95% copper and 5% zinc.

Just how are they made?

The Tokyo 2020 Medal Project collected smartphones and digital devices throughout Japan from April 2017-March 2019 to craft the medals. Over 78 tons of devices were accumulated ahead, with approximately 71 extra pounds of gold, 7,700 extra pounds of silver, and 4,850 pounds of bronze.

Design of the Victory Medal Ribbon

The bow will undoubtedly utilize the standard Japanese style themes discovered in ichimatsu Moyo (harmonized chequered patterns) and Kasane no income (traditional kimono layering techniques) in a modern discussion. The ribbon is designed to be a representation of Japan itself as well as of the method the nation shows “Unity in Diversity”. The design also promotes the Tokyo 2020 brand name vision of “Innovation from Harmony”.

Silicone convex lines are applied on the surface of the ribbon so that any person can identify the kind of metal (gold, bronze or silver) by simply touching it. Chemically reused polyester fibres that produce much less CO2 throughout their production process are made use of. These allow the ribbons to integrate the Tokyo 2020 core visuals colours and be exceptionally sturdy at the same time.

Medal Case Design

The Tokyo 2020 Games symbol influences the design of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games medal case. Each case commemorates the Olympians who have reached the pinnacle of sports achievement. Japanese artisans will meticulously produce the instances with a mix of contemporary and typical methods. Like each specific Olympian who tips onto the field of play, each medal instance stands out as well as has its very own timber fibre pattern discreetly infused into the style.