[Review] the cup noodles of Ichiran, a famous ramen shop in Hakata!

  • 03/06/2021
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When I work at midnight, I suddenly want to eat ramen!

In recent years, Japanese ramen has been recognized all over the world.

This time, the famous ramen shop Ichiran started selling cup noodles, so I would like to review it.


What is Ichiran?

Ichiran is a tonkotsu ramen shop originating in Fukuoka Prefecture. In 1960, the founder, Mr. Nakahara, started from the stall, and the name of the restaurant was “Futaba Ramen” instead of Ichiran.

“We want all customers to taste ramen without worrying about anything anyway,” he said, and has patented counter seats, noren, partitions, an “order system” to respond to customer preferences, and a “replacement ball system” that chalmera sounds when ordering replacement balls as a “taste concentration system”. In recent years, it has been introduced as a key example of blue ocean strategy and a successful example of the restaurant industry, and was awarded as “a company that provides excellent services full of ingenuity”.

[from wikipedia]

Originally, it was born from the viewpoint of “I want you to concentrate on the taste of ramen”, but in recent years in the with Corona era, it has been in the spotlight as a “pioneer of physical distance” in combination with the order system that requires minimal contact with staff.

Well, I do not know how many times I went in the restaurant.

Ichiran’s ramen is a little expensive, but it is very delicious ramen and I am often indebted to Asakusa 6-ku restaurant.



Here is the cup noodles purchased near Ueno Station this time.

It was 520 yen including tax.

If you look at the official website, it is 490 yen including tax. Why is it?



How to make is on it.

In fact, ichiran has been offered joint development of cup noodles for more than 20 years. However, none of them were satisfactory. Especially, the noodles became a neck. Tonkotsu ramen noodles are characterized by their hardness, but when they were made into cup noodles, this was deformed, and the mouthfeen was not good, the smoothness like Ichiran did not come out, and the finish was convincing. This was realized this time, and it became the carrying of the release.

[from official site]

Hmm, the amount seems to be small.

I tried to take everything out.

A Powder Soup

B Liquid Soup

It is a condition such as the secret sauce of C.(HIden no Tare)


this is a three pack of seasonings used this time, especially the amount of liquid soup used is quite large, and it was in a state of drooping when it was touched,

so, it is good to warm it firmly on the lid during cooking!

Start cooking

Put some hot water in it…


Place the B soup on the lid.

Let’s wait .4 minutes.

Now, I’m adding the powdered soup I just added!
Then… Already, the umami of pork bones is added here, but there is no strange smell at all, and it seems that moderate spices are added!

After 4 minutes, quickly add the A soup.


after that, a dark liquid soup that makes you imagine the goodness of the soy sauce feeling comes out, so let’s narrow it down firmly and put it in!

I also put B soup.


The red secret sauce also took difficulties in development. The recipe for the sauce is a secret secret that only four craftsmen know in Ichiran.

Therefore, in the development of cup noodles, the sauce was developed only for cup noodles after repeated trial and error considering the compatibility with noodles and soups by craftsmen.
The soup has a finish that maximizes the umami of pork bones while suppressing the unique
taste. By combining two types of powder and liquid, it creates depth in taste and smooths the mouthfeer.


Like this.

This is how it’s completed… After all, there is something lonely as it looks like that there are no ingredients …

However, it seems that the taste that the taste is mellow but refreshing after taste full of rich umami that suppresses the smell of pork bones and carefully extracts only umami is reproduced in cup noodles as if it were a real store.



First, take a bite of soup. I think that the smell of garlic that I feel faintly, the feeling light than the usual Ichiran soup, but I seem to be able to drink as much as I want. The noodles are smooth and smooth, just a little stiff. Honestly delicious. The red secret sauce may look a little different from usual. It is certainly spicy if you put it in a little, but it will stand out the taste of the noodles. In short, there were no ingredients, but it was the taste of Ichiran that I was used to.

I want you to enjoy the original taste of ramen, so I dare not put the ingredients.

Ichiran Tonkotsu, which will be released this time, does not include ingredients for the reason that you want you to enjoy the original taste of ramen, noodles and soup, only red secret sauce. You can enjoy the taste of pure ramen. The price is 490 yen (tax included), and it will be released at Ichiran stores, Ichiran official mail order, some convenience stores, retail stores, etc.
Mr. Aino Sakane of Ichiran Public Relations said, “This cup ramen does not reproduce the taste of Ichiran, but delivers it as a souvenir ramen unique to specialty stores.
Please feel free to taste the taste of Ichiran anytime, anywhere, such as at home or camping,” he said of this cup noodles.

  1. conclusion

It is delicious whether it is delicious or not. If you think about Ichiran’s ramen, it is attractive that you can eat this taste for 490 yen to 520 yen.

However, when I think about it in the world of cup ramen, I still feel expensive.

Because it is a high-quality ramen, if there is a store nearby, I recommend that you eat it at the shop.

On the other hand, I think that there are times when people who are far away want to eat by all means.

It is recommended to buy one as an emergency food at that time.